You can see your company´s covers via the Company Portal, if you are registered as an administrator. Otherwise, your company have also received the agreement and terms, which always can be reordered.

Employees which hold a job with support from a public agency (fleks- eller skånejob) are also covered, but not in regard to the disorder(s) which are the reason as to why they hold that type of job.

Dansk Sundhedssikring always offers counselling, also in regard to disorders/injuries, which are not covered by the insurance. There is also a possibility to add the optional cover F Chronic diseases/disorders with 12 treatments per year. This also covers the employees, which holds a flex job.

We can offer optional cover D: Health Care Scheme.

No, there is no need to fill in a health declaration, regarding voluntary group insurance there is a 6-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions. For mandatory group agreement there is no waiting period.

We happily prepare bespoke information material. Please contact us at to learn more about your options.

According to the personal data legislation applicable at any given time.

See our Privacy policy.

  • Your company will have access to a Health Report when you have more than 100 employees
  • Your company will have access to a Claims Report when you have more than 25 employees
  • Your company may at any time have access to a Customer Satisfaction Survey

You can get our Health Report if your company have more than 100 employees. This is due to GDPR since we with this report can show the usage of the insurance in regard to age, sex, size of the company, geography and type of business. When you receive the Health Report, it will be accompanied by recommendations based on how your employees have used the insurance.

We continuously develop customer satisfaction surveys, which measures the customers views on our services on a wide range of parameters. A minimum of five of your employees must have answered the customer satisfaction survey before we are able to deliver this service to your company.