Call us at: +45 70 20 61 21

Weekdays 9-17 
Weekends 9-12

If you call outside our opening hours, you are transferred to our emergency hotline.

Make a claim or access information regarding an existing claim.

Practical info

Acute crisis assistance

Should you need acute psychological crisis counseling we are on call 24/7. Call our Health Team on phone number 7020 6121. If you call outside business hours, you will be redirected to our acute crisis hotline.

Wait time

There may be wait time on the phone when many people call in simultaneously. This is typically in the mornings/mid-mornings and at the beginning of the week. You can always enter your phone number in our intelligent phone system. It ensures that you hold your priority in the phone queue and will be called up shortly after, without having to wait on the phone.

Recording of calls

All calls with Dansk Sundhedssikring are recorded, incoming as well as outgoing. These recordings are used for quality assurance, education and documentation purposes. Only a few trusted employees have access, and the recordings are continuously deleted and stored for a maximum of 6 months.

Contact our Health Team

Health Team
Contact our Health Team if you have any health-related questions. All weekdays from 9-17 and weekends from 9-12

Contact our Customer Service Team

Customer Service Team
Contact our Customer Service Team if you have any questions about the insurance such as termination, policies, prices and insurance agreements. All weekdays from 9-16

Contact our Sales Team

Contact our Sales Team
Our Sales Team is avaliable for questions regarding our insurance products

Contact our Finance and Accounting Team

Contact our Finance and Accounting Team
Contact our Finance and Accounting Team for questions about submitted invoices, reimbursement of expenses, etc. Our phones are open every weekday at 9:00 to 16:00. For more on reimbursement - go to the customer service section.

Contact our HR and Communications Team

Contact our HR and Communications Team
For all inquiries regarding HR and Communication

Contact our Data Protection Team

Contact our Data Protection Team

For questions about data protection or your rights under the GDPR, please contact our data protection team.

Contact our DPO

Contact our DPO
You have the opportunity to contact our DPO (data protection officer) at the law firm Bech Bruun. Contact Bech Bruun on all weekdays between 9-16.

Contact our Press Officer

Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen
For press-related questions, contact our Press Officer from PressConnect, Morten Huse Eikrem-Jeppesen