Technical problems with the telephone system

We are currently experiencing sporadic technical issues with our phone system.

You may experience that the call cannot be completed and must try again.

Our supplier is working hard to solve the problem.

We therefore refer to you using MitDss, where it is possible to create cases, download payment guarantees etc.

Privacy policy

Personal data is data that either says something about you as an individual or, that can be used to identify you. We know how important personal information can be for all of us and thus we put much value in treating your personal information securely so that no unauthorised person will get access to it.

As a natural part of our business, we treat personal information about you to be able to deliver our medical services and to be able to give you the best treatment possible. Below you find information about our privacy policy, which informs you about how we treat your personal data on how you may contact us, should you have any questions regarding data protection or which to claim your rights.


 Learn more about our privacy policy here

Contact our DPO

We have entered into an agreement with the law firm Bech-Bruun on the provision of the Data Protection Officer service (DPO). For questions about your data protection rights and request for insight etc., please contact our Data Protection Adviser (DPO) via email: or by telephone: +45 72 27 30 02 on weekdays 9 am-4 pm.

If your query contains sensitive or confidential information, use the secure messaging feature here