First, contact the department that handled your case

If you disagree or are dissatisfied with our decision, please contact the department that handled the case. That way we can clarify any misunderstandings in the best and quickest way and, together, try to find the best solution.



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Complaint guide

If, after your inquiry to the department, you are still not satisfied, you can write to Quality Department, which is responsible for complaints, to have your case re-evaluated. The Complaints Unit will process your complaint with fresh eyes and re-evaluate the case independently and impartially.

We will process your complaint as soon as possible and aim to process it within 7 weekdays. The complaint should be sent in as soon as possible and the latest 6 months after the decision regarding your case.

Make your complaint to other independent organisations

If you are unsatisfied with the Complaints Units decision, you have the option for a completely impartial assessment with the following organisations:

Danish Insurance Complaints Board (Ankenævnet for Forsikring)

Anker Heegaards Gade 2

1572 København V

You can submit you complaint via the website It costs an administrative fee of DKK 200 to send a complaint to the Danish Insurance Complaints Board and the complaint must be sent in a special complaints form, which you can find on the web page. Here, you can also learn more information about your options to complain.

The courts

You always have the option to get a case tried in the Danish courts, read more on

The Insurance Information (Forsikringsoplysningen)

You have the option to send your inquiry to the Insurance Information for general advice and guidance.