If you wish to make a claim, you can do that 24/7 via My DSS. Claims are handled quickly and mostly from day to day .

Submit your claim/injury to our Health Team by filling out an online claims’ questionnaire via your personal profile on My DSS. The filed cases are processed quickly and normally from day to day.

If your inquiry is about an existing case, you can contact the Health Team by phone between 8-17 during weekdays and 9-12 during weekends.

If your inquiry is about an ongoing claim, you can contact the Health Team via My DSS.

You can also call us on +45 70 20 61 21 weekdays from 8 to 17 and weekends from 9 to 12.

When we have received your consent, your claim and your referral from your doctor, 1-2 days will pass before you hear from us. In some cases, we will need to contact you with some clarifying questions before we can process your case.

After the claim is fully processed and if the claim is covered by the insurance, you will receive either a guarantee of payment or, a call regarding the cover in our quality-assured network. 

If the insurance does not cover the claim in question, we will contact you by mail or by phone with a reason for refusal. Danish Health Insurance always offers help with navigation in the public health care system and medical counselling for example, on claims that are not covered by the insurance.


Most forms of treatment within the health insurance, need a doctor’s referral. We therefore advise you to always start with contacting your own doctor, before submitting your claim, so that your doctor can examine you and refer you to the relevant treatment.

Unfortunately, we do not have access to your doctor´s referral, which is why we need you to send it to us.

You can get your referral on www.sundhed.dk.

Use this link for a quick and easy access:
Referral on Sundhed.dk

Make sure that you have your MitID or NemID ready > Log in > Print as PDF > Upload to your existing claim on My DSS.

The insurance only covers expenses for treatment and examination, which have been pre-approved by Danish Health Insurance. Therefore, you can only start your treatment when you have gotten an approval of your course of treatment.

You can submit your claim via your profile on My DSS or contact our Medical Team on +45 70 20 61 21 all days of the year, weekdays from 8 to 17 and weekends from 9 to 12.

We need your consent on order to collect and pass on the information about your claim. Your consent is valid for a year after you have given it. If you regret giving your consent, you can always withdraw it.

Dansk Sundhedssikring will never forward your sensitive information to unauthorized third party.

If you disagree or are unsatisfied with our decision, you should contact the department that have handled your claim.

if you still disagree with our decision, you may send your complaint to us via this complaints form.

Please state your name and birth date as well as what you are dissatisfied with and why. As soon as we have received your complaint, we will look into the case and we will you as soon as possible, by one of our employees who are responsible for complaints.

Call us at +45 70 20 61 21

Weekdays 8-17 
Weekends 9-12

If you want to get in touch with us for emergency crisis support you can contact us on phone number: 70206121 all hours of the day.


Make a claim or access information regarding an existing claim.