How am I covered?

Does the insurance cover treatment abroad?

The insurance covers examinations and treatment in Denmark. Therefore, the insurance does not cover examinations, treatment, acute injuries, or acute psychological treatment abroad. If you need treatment upon your return, it will be covered within the normal insurance limits. We always offer advice on all cases, even when you are on vacation abroad.


Where can I find my coverage and insurance terms?

You can find a description of your insurance coverage by logging into your User Portal. The comprehensive insurance terms can be found here. If you have any questions regarding your insurance, you can contact the Health Team at 70206121

Can I choose my own healthcare provider?

We always recommend treatment within our quality-assured network.

However, for certain types of treatments, you may have the option to choose a healthcare provider outside our network.

If you prefer a provider outside our network, please note that you will often need to handle the billing with the provider yourself, and the treatments will be approved in portions by your Health Insurance.

Note: The insurance only covers expenses for treatment that has been pre-approved by us. Therefore, you can only begin treatment once your claim report has been approved.

You can fill out your claim report via your User Portal.

Which treatments does my insurance cover?

Your Health Insurance covers treatment for a range of diseases, disorders, and injuries. You can find more information by reading the applicable insurance terms here.

Which diseases and injuries are not covered?

The insurance covers a wide range of treatments that are approved and used in the public healthcare system.

You can find more information about what the insurance covers in your insurance terms.

Examples of what the insurance does not cover:

  • Cosmetic treatments, drooping eyelids, and obesity surgeries
  • Acute treatments, such as emergency doctor visits, emergency room visits, blood clots, ischemic heart disease, and other conditions requiring immediate assistance
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, contraception, infertility treatment
  • Congenital disorders
  • Vaccinations and health check-ups
  • Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, hearing and vision tests, and dental treatment
  • Alternative and experimental treatment
  • Chronic/permanent illnesses that existed before you obtained insurance with us

Find your applicable insurance terms here

Dansk Sundhedssikring network

We refer to relevant treatment in public or private settings.

If your treatment needs to be carried out at a private hospital or clinic, we have a nationwide collaboration that our Health Team will use when referring you to the appropriate treatment location.

To ensure high professionalism and expertise throughout the treatment process, we continuously quality-assure our partners based on a set of criteria. We have a nationwide network collaboration within physiotherapy and psychology treatment.

For psychology and physiotherapy treatment, you will be contacted by a coordinator from our network within 24 hours, where an appointment will be scheduled with the provider who can meet your treatment needs.

You do not have to pay for treatment when using our treatment network.

Billing is handled directly between the provider and us.

Treatment with Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, or Psychologist in the Network

We always recommend that you start by consulting your own doctor to assess your treatment needs. Your doctor will typically issue a referral for treatment. You can easily and quickly report the injury online via your User Portal.

Remember to attach any referral you may have.

If we approve your treatment, we will usually recommend that you choose a provider from our quality-assured treatment network.

You do not have to pay for treatment when using our treatment network.

Billing is handled directly between the provider and us.

Treatment at Hospital and Clinic

We initiate treatment, examinations, scans, or similar within 10 business days in public or private settings.

If we refer you to a private hospital or clinic in our network, we will send the payment guarantee directly to the clinic. They will subsequently send the invoice directly to us. Therefore, you do not have to pay for the treatment yourself.