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We are currently experiencing sporadic technical issues with our phone system.

You may experience that the call cannot be completed and must try again.

Our supplier is working hard to solve the problem.

We therefore refer to you using MitDss, where it is possible to create cases, download payment guarantees etc.

About us

From the very beginning, we have been dedicated to health. Our Health Team consists of doctors and nurses who daily ensure that our customers get the right treatment easily through the public and the private healthcare system.

We not only take care of our customers when the damage has occurred, we also want to prevent illness and injuries. This is the driving force of our company, and it has made us the largest provider of health insurance in Denmark.

Since the establishment in 2012, we have grown every year. We have focused exclusively on health and health professional expertise. This is why our Health Team consists of doctors and nurses who ensure all customers the best treatment.


This is how we work

We want to be proper, accessible and responsible. Those are values we strive to achieve - every day.

We are proper

As a provider of health insurance, we want to ensure proper help. To us, that means medical counselling adjusted to the individual needs of the customer. We respect our customers and take good care of them.

We are accessible

We do not say no. We find a solution. We are always ready to help our customers. The decision is made by the competent employee, from our Health team or Service team, who is in dialogue with the customer.

We are responsible

We are close to the customer. That gives us a big responsibility. We understand the need for knowing and feeling safe when you have health issues. That is why our customers are greeted by our responsible and competent employees.

7/13/2022 Our DNA


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