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With our health insurance, your employees are well covered. Over 80 healthcare professionals are ready to provide you with professional help and advice. We ensure treatment in both the public and private sectors. We help with all types of health problems through counseling, prevention and treatment.

Health insurance (Basic)

Our insurance

The health insurance is tailored from a medical professional perspective, to fit your needs.
Here you can read more about, how we will help you in case of illness and injuries.

  • Physiotherapist, chiropractor or psychologist
  • Examination with a specialist doctor in a clinic or hospital
  • Trauma counselling
  • HealthNavigator
  • Home nursing, home assistance and medical aids
  • Second opinion

Optional covers

Option A: Reflexology, osteopathy and dietitian

The optional cover will cover up to 10 yearly treatments with acupuncture, zone therapist, osteopath or dietitian. Acupuncture, zone therapy and osteopathy are covered for illnesses in the musculoskeletal system. A doctor’s referral is not required, and the medical team can recommend treatment directly upon making a medical evaluation. You can decide for yourself, which provider you want to use.


Option B: Physiotherapy without doctors’ referral

With this added cover you do not need a doctor’s referral in order to get physiotherapy. The medical team can based on a medical evaluation, direct you to treatment. Treatment within our nation-wide provider network, or with a provider of your choice, is covered.

Option C: Addiction treatment

The addition will cover reasonable expenses for treatment, based on a doctor´s referral, of addiction and abuse of:

  • Alcohol
  • Prescription medicine
  • Narcotics (drugs that are covered in the Law of Narcotics Drugs Act)
  • Diagnosed ludomania (addition to gambling)

Option D: Health Scheme

The Health Scheme covers counselling over the phone and physical treatments in the musculoskeletal system; physiotherapy, chiropractor, zone therapy, massage, trauma counselling, counselling over the phone with experienced psychologists about for example abuse, wellbeing, stress, firing, bullying etc. In addition, anonymous treatment of addiction.

Option E: Private hospital cover

You are guaranteed that examination and/or treatment with a medical doctor will be started within 10 weekdays from the day that we have received your claim, in either the public or private health care system. With this optional cover, you have the possibility to choose that the treatment is performed in a private care facility within our quality- assured network.

Option F: Treatment of chronic disorders

This addition covers the treatment of osteoarthritis or other lasting disorder in the musculoskeletal system with up to 12 treatments by a physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist per calendar year. Out of these 12 treatments per calendar year, a maximum of 4 may be a physiological massage. The addition covers psychological counselling via telephone for lasting psychological disorders, within our quality-assured network.


Option G: Online emergency medical service

The online emergency medical service is a supplement to your general practising doctor. You receive a quick and easy access to e-mail and video consultations with a trained medical specialist in general medicine. The medical doctor will be able to answer questions regarding you and your closest family as well as issue and renew prescriptions. DSS will not be informed of what you have spoken with the medical doctor about.

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