When treated in the network of Dansk Sundhedssikring, you should not pay for your treatment. The settlement of the bill is taken care of directly between the provider and Dansk Sundhedssikring.

If treated outside of the network of Dansk Sundhedssikring, it sometimes requires you to pay for the treatment yourself.

If you have paid for an approved treatment, you should send your receipts to Dansk Sundhedssikring. The receipts should be sent through our secure Contact Portal. If you have any questions regarding your receipts, you can contact our Reimbursement Team by telephone +45 70 20 61 21.

Please note that, the insurance only covers expenses for treatment, which is preapproved by Dansk Sundhedssikring.


NB! If you haven’t already either accepted or rejected the claim-based consent, then you’ll have to do this first.
  1. Log in with NemID og username/password on your account. If you’ve received a personal link to your profile via email, then please use this link.
  2. Click “Upload bills” on the left sidemenu
  3. Select the relevant claim in “Please select a claim
  4. Important! Fill out all the information
  5. Click “Upload bill” and attach the bill
  6. Click “Save
The information is automatically sent to our invoicing team.
Please note that the insurance only covers expenses for treatments that have be pre-approved by DSS.
To be entitled to reimbursement, your invoice, or receipt from the therapist must meet our invoice requirements, please see the requirements at: https://ds-sundhed.dk/erhverv/fakturakrav/ 
It will usually take three weeks to receive re-imbursement for pre-approved treatments you’ve paid for yourself. Prolonged processing time may occur in peak periods.