Reimbursement for treatment

Do I have to pay for my treatment upfront?

For treatment within Danish Health Insurance's network, you do not have to pay for the treatment upfront. The payment is arranged directly between the provider and us.

For treatment outside Danish Health Insurance's network, you may, in some cases, have to pay for the treatment upfront. You can refer to the payment guarantee sent to you on your User Portal for guidance.

How do I get a refund for my treatment?

Please note that the insurance only covers treatment costs that have been pre-approved by Dansk Sundhedssikring. If you have not received approval for the treatment before starting, you must contact our Health Team.

If you have paid for an approved treatment, you need to submit your invoices through your User Portal.

If you received a personal link to your User Portal via email when your treatment was approved, please use that link.


  1. Log in to the User Portal with your MitID.
  2. Click on "My Claims".
  3. Click on the relevant claim for which you need to upload an invoice.
  4. Go to "My Documents".
  5. Under file type, click on "Invoice".
  6. Fill in the relevant information.
  7. Choose the document you wish to upload.
  8. Remember to click "Save" before you finish.

The information is automatically sent to our Billing Team.

We strive to ensure that reimbursement is processed within 2 weeks.

If you have further questions regarding invoices, you can contact our Billing Team at 70206121 from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

To meet the requirements for reimbursement, your invoice, receipt, or bill from the provider must meet our invoice requirements. Please see the requirements here.