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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a small data file, that a web page saved on your device e.g., computer, tablet or smartphone. The data files only contain text and are passive, which means that they cannot gather data, spread virus or damage your device in any way. Cookies can be used for different purposes and in some cases, they are necessary in order for a web page to work properly. For instance, the necessary cookies make sure that when you are using personal login pages, you only have to log in once while you browse the entire web page.

Most web pages today, use cookies with the intent to secure the functionality and to analyse the traffic on the web page, in order to optimise its design and quality, deliver relevant content on the web page and also, to target marketing and ads.

Some cookies are only saved as long as your browser is open, these are called session cookies. Cookies that are saved for longer and are called permanent cookies. When you return to a web page, the cookie is automatically renewed.

In some cases, the cookies are saved by a third party i.e., another part than the owner of the web page.

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