Executive Committee

Dansk Sundhedssikring delivers medical expertise, PrimaCare ensures a vast network with quality-assured health care providers. FIDIMI offers preventative initiatives. Together we constitute The Health Group; Sundhedsgruppen, which ensures that our customers are in good hands all the way.

DSS Hälsa is our sister company and the newest member of the Health Group. DSS Hälsa ensures that our Swedish neighbours benefit from the same treatment options and benefits as our customers here at home.


Board of Directors of the Health Group; Sundhedsgruppen

The ownership

Sundhedsgruppen A/S, which owns Forsikringsselskabet Dansk Sundhedssikring A/S, is owned by the British specialist fund AnaCap Financial Partners. AnaCap is the main shareholder - in addition to a number of minority shareholders.

AnaCap is the leading investor in the market for medium-sized European companies, primarily in the financial sector.

AnaCap is the leading Financial Sector investor in the European mid-market, investing across the industry through complementary Private Equity and Credit platforms.

Since 2005 they have raised €5.1 billion in AUM and completed over 85 primary investments across 15 European jurisdictions. They operate out of 5 offices in London, Luxembourg, New Delhi, Madrid and Lisbon.

Their name, AnaCap, defines their investment approach: ‘Analytics before Capital’. Their investment decisions are founded on a disciplined, operational and data-driven investment approach with support from Minerva, our proprietary intelligence platform.

Leveraging our deep expertise as Financial Sector investors, owners and operators, they are an active investor and generate value in Private Equity through their intense operational engagement model and carefully calibrated M&A programmes. In Credit, our active asset management approach focuses on using data intelligently to provide servicing solutions and optimise recoveries.