Your employees are your most valuable resource

 Your employees are the most important resource, invest in them. The right health insurance keeps your business healthy and your employees safe. Together we find the right insurance for your business.


Why choose us

Medical counselling

We are entirely dedicated to health and will provide you with medical counselling.

Insights to your company´s health condition

We will provide you with the insight to your company´s health condition with a focus on reducing long term sick leave.

Efficient referral and navigation

We have an efficient referral and navigation, that ensures the most efficient patient process.

Counselling on all disorders that requires treatment, regardless of cover with us

We ensure the navigation of all disorders that require treatment, both in the private and public health care system.

Evidence based recommendations

We use data actively, both in regard to the costs and quality of our providers, as well as regarding our customers and how they should use prevention.

Constant development with new services- including digital ones

We are in constant development, with new services and terms, digital accesses and processes

What our customers say

''For several years, we have had Dansk Sundhedssikring as a supplier of health insurance to our employees. It is important for FLSmidth that our employees are advised by healthcare professionals based on their individual needs, and we experience exactly that at Dansk Sundhedssikring.'' - Jacob Christian Nielsen, Head of HR Operations

'' As a company, we are at ease and satisfied with having employees covered by Dansk Sundhedssikring. They provide good customer service delivered by competent nurses. '' - Annette Otto SVP, Marketing, Partner Mgt., HR & Communication

'' We greatly appreciate that Dansk Sundhedssikring continuously adapts and develops relevant services, to ensure the continued relevans of the health insurance for us as customers. It is of great value that we have access to the claims reports, so that we can follow the development in usage by our employees. The satisfaction report provide good insights into the satisfaction by our employees in terms of coverage and service.'' - Mette A. Heegaard