Processing time for invoice and refund payments

For payment of invoices to providers, we strive to settle within 6 weeks.

(Usually, we have a processing time of 4 weeks from receipt of the invoice, provided that the invoice is correctly issued according to our invoice requirements and the customer's payment guarantee)

Refunds must be applied for via "MyDSS".

For refunds, the expected processing time will be a maximum of 3 weeks (usually a maximum of 2 weeks).

To providers

Dansk Sundhedssikring cooperates with a wide range of different health care providers in a network, such as our sister company PrimaCare, as well as have agreements with individual clinics and therapists, that we refer to.

Knowledge and quality assurance are keys to good cooperation and high customer satisfaction. That is why it is so important for us to meet continuously with our regular suppliers and align expectations to make sure that processes run smoothly, that we have good communication and satisfied customers.

We also offer treatments via a guarantee of payment, where the insured makes the payment and then receives a reimbursement, or that the provider treats the insured and then invoices Dansk Sundhedssikring directly. 



Invoice requirements must be fulfilled before we can complete the transaction.  

The invoice must include the payment guarantee number.

Please note: If you choose to send the invoices via email to us, you must make sure that you are communicating securely end-to-end with us, thus complying with the Personal Data Regulation.