Providers and businesspartners

As a Provider, how do I send an invoice?

In order to process your payment, certain invoice requirements must be met.

Please review the requirements here before submitting your invoice.

How can I view my company's coverages?

If you are registered as an administrator, you can view your company's coverages through the Corporate Portal.

Your company has also received agreements and terms that can always be reordered.

What does Dansk Sundhedssikring offer in relations to hourly-waged employees?

We stand by with the optional choice D: The Health Care Scheme

How is my employee in a flex job covered?

Employees in flex jobs or supported positions are also covered; however, the coverage does not include the conditions that led to the flex job or supported position.

We always offer advice, even regarding conditions/injuries not covered by the insurance. There is an option to add the additional coverage F: Chronic Conditions with 12 treatments per year.

Does my newly hired employee need to provide health information, or is there a waiting period for pre-existing conditions?

Your newly hired employee does not need to provide health information. For voluntary agreements, there is a 6-month waiting period for existing conditions. This does not apply to mandatory schemes

How do I get more information for my employee?

We happily prepare bespoke information material. Please contact us at to learn more about your options.

How do I store the information about my employees?

According to the personal data legislation applicable at any given time.

See our Privacy policy.

Which reports does my company have access to?

  • Your company has access to a health report when you have over 100 employees.

  • Your company has access to a claims report when you have over 25 employees.

  • Your company can access a customer satisfaction survey at any time.

How do I obtain a health report?

Your company can obtain a health report if you have over 100 employees. This is due to GDPR considerations, as we can show usage patterns based on age and gender, company size, geography, and industry. When you receive the health report, it will include recommendations based on your employees' use of the insurance.

How do I obtain a claims report?

We offer an annual claims report detailing the number of insured individuals, reported claims, and total claims costs with a breakdown of claim types. The report is prepared with consideration for employee anonymity. If your company has had over 25 employees in the past year, we offer a claims report.

How do I obtain a customer satisfaction survey?

We conduct ongoing customer satisfaction surveys that assess customers' perceptions of our services on various service parameters. A minimum of five of your employees must respond to the satisfaction survey before we can provide this service for your company.