The Health Report

Our access to the health care area is facts and evidence based and, the gathering of information and use of data is a core foundation for our handling and navigation.

The registrations that happen in the claims flow will, on an overall level, become useful knowledge for the company. How many claims have we had last year? Are the illnesses/injuries physical or psychological? What does the company´s overall claims look like in comparison with the previous and compared with other companies?

We also continuously gather the customer satisfaction measurements on our own, initial customer management, as well as ask all our customer to evaluate the longer processes we start. That way we can document the satisfaction with our services and staff.

These data are all a part of the Health Report and make it possible for us to identify tendencies on a company level or across different types of claims, that would normally be hard to see for the individual corporate customer.

Based on the data, we offer to be an advisor for the company in order to tailor recommendations that you can take action on and, that create value to improve the health of the employees.

If you want to know more about our Health Report, please contact our Sales and Broker team via: