The insurance includes

SundhedsNavigator (Health Navigator) and health professional advice

  • The insurance offers consultation with a nurse, physiotherapist or doctor by telephone for all health problems, including those that do not require actual treatment or which are not covered by the insurance.
  • The healthcare team's counselling lines ensure you have access to advice on health and wellness, well-being issues, stress and stress prevention, substance abuse issues, pain and courses of treatment.
  • Our healthcare team has in-depth knowledge of both public and private healthcare.
  • Through our unique SundhedsNavigator and co-ordinator concept, we offer you help to organise and carry out the course of examinations and treatments, as well as provide guidance on the public health care system’s treatment options, e.g. patient rights, complaint procedures, guidance regarding waiting times, free choice of hospital and examination and treatment guarantees. 
  • We are also happy to help review medical records from hospitals and doctors.

Treatment by a physiotherapist and chiropractor

  • The healthcare team can refer to various counselling and treatment options and/or self-training, such as training counselling, training videos, training app, online or physical therapy.
  • Based on a medical assessment, reasonable and necessary treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor is covered (there must be a medical need for the treatment).
  • Physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment are covered in our quality-assured network or with a therapist of your choice.
  • In relevant cases, physiotherapy in our networks can take place online/digitally or with a combination of digital treatment and in-person attendance.
  • GLA:D training programmes are covered for diagnosed osteoarthritis of the hip or knee or for long-term or recurring back pain.

Treatment with a psychologist and psychotherapist

  • The healthcare team can refer you to various counselling services and support for dealing with mental health challenges, including stress, well-being and life change challenges.
  • Treatment with a psychologist in our quality-assured network or with a therapist of your choice is covered based on a healthcare assessment.
  • For treatment in the network, the necessary number of treatments is covered based on a professional assessment. Treatment with a therapist of your choice is covered for up to 6 months.
  • In relevant cases, treatment in our network can also take place with a quality-assured psychotherapist.
  • In relevant cases, treatment in our network can take place online/digitally or by phone.
  • The insurance covers specialised anxiety treatment programmes for children and children with mental health problems. 

Hotline for stress and well-being

  • The insurance offers personalised counselling and support for stress or well-being-related problems that do not require actual treatment.
  • The hotline is managed by an in-house counselling team, all of whom have a professional background within health.
  • Counselling is provided, for example, on reducing and preventing early signs of stress and dissatisfaction with life, private wellness issues such as personal crises, children, cohabitation and divorce, as well as work-related wellness issues such as burnout, dismissal, bullying and conflicts. 

The manager support helpline

  • The support line for managers is an offer for HR and managers and provides access to telephone counselling, where you as a manager can get help to explore new perspectives or examine your options for action, if you e.g. have employees with stress, employees with private challenges, wellness issues, bullying, conflicts, or if there has been an accident or a violent incident at the workplace.
  • The support line for managers is handled by an internal team for mental health, all of whom have relevant professional backgrounds.
  • Based on a professional assessment, the mental health team can refer to a quality-assured and experienced occupational psychologist.


  • The insurance covers GP-referred consultations with a psychiatrist in the network or a psychiatrist of your choice. 

Trauma counselling

The insurance covers emergency trauma counselling with experienced crisis psychologists in our network if we assess that you have suffered an acute psychological crisis for the following reasons: 

  • If you have experienced a sudden serious incident/accident, where you have been in danger.
  • If you are subjected to a robbery, assault, violence or kidnapping. 
  • Fire, explosion or burglary in your private residence or your own business (must be reported to the police).
  • If you are diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.
  • Death within your immediate family.
  • If a member of your immediate family is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease.
  • If you experience a family member’s or colleague’s sudden, unexpected death or sudden serious incident/accident. 

Examination and treatment by a medical specialist

  • The insurance covers GP-referred examinations in order to make a diagnosis, e.g. MRI scanning.
  • The insurance covers treatment/surgery performed by a medical specialist at a hospital or clinic.
  • Examination or treatment is initiated within 10 working days in the public or private healthcare service. 

Allergy diagnosis

  • The insurance covers an examination for allergy.

Follow-up examinations

  • The insurance covers follow-up examinations after surgery covered by the insurance at a hospital or clinic for up to 24 months.
  • The follow-up examination must be prescribed by the relevant medical specialist.

Rehabilitation after surgery

  • The insurance covers outpatient medical rehabilitation performed by a physiotherapist and/or chiropractor in direct connection to a coverable procedure in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Rehabilitation is covered in our quality-assured network or with a therapist of your choice.
  • The necessary number of treatments is covered based on a professional assessment.
  • Rehabilitation must be prescribed by the relevant medical specialist.

Home nursing and assistance

  • The insurance covers expenses for temporary help at home following an operation covered by the insurance.
  • Assistance with cleaning, shopping, personal hygiene, dressing and undressing is covered for up to 6 months after the date of discharge.

Assistive devices

  • The insurance covers expenses for personal assistive devices in connection with a covered surgery.

Second opinion

  • In certain cases, the insurance covers consultation with a medical specialist if you have a life-threatening or particular serious disease or injury or, if you are faced with the choice of receiving particularly risky treatment, which may be life-threatening or result in permanent injury.

Chronic diseases

  • The insurance covers chronic diseases arising during the insurance period for up to 6 months from the time of diagnosis if we consider that treatment will cause a significant and lasting improvement to the condition.

Complications from chronic diseases

  • The insurance covers complications that occur during the insurance period as a direct consequence of a chronic illness for up to 6 months from the time of diagnosis, if we assess that treatment will lead to a significant and lasting improvement of the condition.

Ambulance transport

  • The insurance covers recumbent ambulance transport between home and the place of treatment if you cannot be transported by car or by public transport.
  • The insurance covers transport expenses for a medical companion if we assess that your health condition requires the presence of a companion.

Transport expenses

  • The insurance covers transport costs in Denmark between home and the place of treatment in connection with specialised medical care at a hospital or clinic if we refer you to a place of treatment more than 75 km from your place of residence.

Personal health programme

  • The insurance covers a personal health programme to treat diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and obesity (BMI 30 and above).
  • You will have access to a personalised online programme of health coaching, counselling and health plans from an experienced clinical dietitian.
  • Based on a professional assessment, the programme can be combined with digital counselling with a psychologist, physiotherapist and/or a medical specialist.
  • You must be 16 years or older to use the programme.

Treatment with a reflexologist, acupuncturist, osteopath and dietician (option)

  • The option covers the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders based on a medical assessment (there must be a medical need for treatment).
  • Reflexology, acupuncture and osteopathy are covered with up to 10 annual treatments per form of treatment.
  • Up to 10 treatments per year with a dietician based on a medical evaluation are covered.

Addiction therapy (option)

  • The option covers GP-prescribed treatment for abuse of and addiction to alcohol, prescription drugs, narcotics and diagnosed addiction to gambling.
  • Addiction therapy is only covered once you have been covered by the policy for 6 months.
  • Treatment is not covered if you have previously been in treatment for the same type of abuse.

Online emergency medical service (option)

  • The option covers private emergency medical service for the entire household, i.e. the insured, spouse/cohabitant and the children of the household who are living at home under the age of 24.
  • The emergency medical service is a supplement to the general practising doctor and offers quick access to email and video consultations with a private emergency service – also outside normal opening hours.
  • The emergency medical service can answer questions about illness and symptoms that do not require a physical examination.
  • The emergency medical service can prescribe and renew most prescriptions, provide guidance on over-the-counter medicines, and refer you to regional public hospitals. 

The insurance does not cover

For an overview of the full provisions and limitations, please refer to the insurance terms and conditions, which you can also find here on our website.

  • Cosmetic treatments
  • Injuries as a result of professional sport
  • Chronic skin disorders
  • Surgery for obesity
  • Congenital disorders
  • Treatment of sleep disorders/sleep apnoea
  • Couples therapy
  • Consultations with a neuropsychologist
  • Impaired vision and impaired hearing
  • Cardiovascular disorders
  • Preventive examinations and treatment
  • Assessment and treatment of eating disorders, phobias, ADHD, ADD and autism spectrum disorders
  • Expenses for GP
  • Damage following epidemics and pandemics
  • Sexually transmitted diseases, contraception and fertility treatment.

Optional covers

Option A: Acupuncture, reflexology, osteopathy and dietitian

The optional cover will cover up to 10 yearly treatments with acupuncture, reflexology, osteopath or dietitian. Acupuncture, reflexology and osteopathy are covered for illnesses in the musculoskeletal system. A doctor’s referral is not required, and the Health Team can recommend treatment directly upon making a medical evaluation. You can decide for yourself, which provider you want to use.

Option B: Physiotherapy without doctors’ referral

With this added cover you do not need a doctor’s referral in order to get physiotherapy. The medical team can based on a medical evaluation, direct you to treatment. Treatment within our nation-wide provider network, or with a provider of your choice, is covered.

Option C: Addiction treatment

The addition will cover reasonable expenses for treatment, based on a doctor´s referral, of addiction and abuse of; alcohol, prescription medicine, narcotics (drugs that are covered in the Law of Narcotics Drugs Act) and diagnosed ludomania (addition to gambling)

Option D: Health Scheme

The Health Scheme covers counselling over the phone and physical treatments in the musculoskeletal system; physiotherapy, chiropractor, zone therapy, massage, trauma counselling, counselling over the phone with experienced psychologists about for example abuse, wellbeing, stress, firing, bullying etc. In addition, anonymous treatment of addiction.

Option E: Private hospital cover

You are guaranteed that examination and/or treatment with a medical doctor will be started within 10 weekdays from the day that we have received your claim, in either the public or private health care system. With this optional cover, you have the possibility to choose that the treatment is performed in a private care facility within our quality- assured network.

Option F: Treatment of chronic disorders

The option covers the treatment of diagnosed osteoarthritis or other chronical diseases in the musculoskeletal system with up to 12 treatments by a physiotherapist, chiropractor or physiological massage per calendar year (max. 4 physiological massages). The option covers psychological counselling via phone for lasting psychological disorders. The option covers treatments by a podiatrist with referral from a doctor. Up to 6 treatments per calendar year are covered.

Option G: Online emergency medical service

The online emergency medical service is a supplement to your general practising doctor. You receive a quick and easy access to e-mail and video consultations with a trained medical specialist in general medicine. The medical doctor will be able to answer questions regarding you and your closest family as well as issue and renew prescriptions. DSS will not be informed of what you have spoken with the medical doctor about.

Option H: Extended psychiatric assessment

This option covers GP-referred assessment/diagnosis of ADHD/ADD and/or autism spectrum disorders at a treatment centre in our quality-assured network. The insurance does not cover a new investigation and/or a second opinion in cases where a diagnosis has previously been made. One course of investigation is covered during the insurance period.

Option K: Surgery for chronic musculoskeletal disorders

The option covers a GP-referred initial examination and surgery for chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system if we assess that this can cure or significantly and permanently improve the condition.

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