Invoice requirements

In order for us to make payment, it is important that these invoice requirements are met:

  • Patient's name
  • The patient's date of birth, ie. the first 6 digits of the CPR number
  • Providers name
  • Type of treatment (eg physiotherapy, chiropractic)
  • Treatment number
  • Provider number (Ydernummer). If you do not have a provider number, please use the name and telephone number
  • guarantee no. There may only be one number per invoice
  • One line per treatment date
  • Invoices must be issued to the insurance company that is stated on the payment guarantee, which is provided for the customer
  • Invoices must always be sent via GLN/EAN (OIOXML and OIOUBL standard) or as a legible PDF file


Invoices must meet the standard requirements of current Danish legislation in the field of invoicing, see example of the most common here:

  • CVR number
  • Invoice number
  • Treatment dates for completed treatments
  • Invoice must be issued to the payer and not the customer 

If the information does not appear on the invoice, we are compelled to reject the invoice and request a new one with the correct information. Please notice that this increases the processing time.


See an example of an approved invoice here.


Invoicing of GLA:D training

See how to invoice GLA:D training here


Dansk Sundhedssikring's GLN-number: 57 90 00 23 27 117

Please notice: The processing time for invoices can take up to 4 weeks.


The Invoicing Team can be contacted at:

Phone: +45 70 20 61 21 on weekdays at 9:00-16:00