Support and counseling to the whole family

Family360 ensures that you and your family receive health professional advice and guidance when a serious illness strikes you or one of your relatives. You will be assigned a personal contact nurse who can provide support and guidance throughout your duration in the public healthcare system.

Family360 ensures that your entire immediate family is covered, so whether it's you, your children, your partner or spouse who is affected by one of the covered illnesses, Family360 will help. You can also sign up your grandparents so that they too receive help if they get sick.

Serious illness in a loved one can be overwhelming, and we want to ease the burden on you and your family. We help you through the difficult times and give you the support you need.

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We have created a quick guide to help you find the health insurance that suits you. Our goal is simple: to guarantee your health and provide security, regardless of your needs and where you are in life.


Family 360

Policyholder, partner/spouse and children: 62 DKK monthly
745 DKK annually

Policyholder, partner/spouse,children and four grandparents: 144 DKK monthly
1.726 DKK annually


The price is incl. 1,1 % statutory non-life insurance fee.

Product information IPID (PDF)   -   Terms and Conditions (PDF)

The insurance includes

Contact with the public healthcare system

  • We assist with contacting the public hospital, e.g. with follow-up on referrals and ensuring compliance with applicable guarantees of investigation/treatment. For example, we help you book appointments for treatment or examinations, as far as the public hospital allows it.

Dialogue about your treatment programme

  • Familie360 helps you and your relatives in your encounter with the public healthcare system by preparing you for examinations and further treatment.

    Your personal healthcare advisor can assist with medical consultations via digital platforms or over the phone.

    You are also offered help with reviewing medical records and answers to tests from your examination and treatment.

Medical and healthcare counselling

  • You and your relatives are also offered medical counselling and assistance by Familie360's medical consultants, e.g. regarding the relevance and adequacy of the planned examinations concerning your or your relatives' illness.

Other services

Your personal healthcare advisor can help you with:

  • Booking transport
  • Contacting, for example, your pension company and municipal authorities
  • Assisting in the transition between hospitalisation and discharge to home
  • Contacting a social worker
  • Care and comfort calls for you and your family.

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