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We Help You All the Way

We have the mental surplus when you are ill. We help you onwards to examinations and treatments and can be in charge of appointments and coordination. When you report an injury then this will usually be processed on the same day. Otherwise this will happen no later than the next work-day.  In some cases you will need a referral from your own doctor for further treatment. However our Health Team can deal with your health issue right away and make sure that you receive a payment guarantee.

Pre-examinationIf the Health Team assesses that you need a pre-examination by a doctor then we will make sure that you get an appointment quickly. This usually requires a referral from your own doctor. Based on the pre-examination and any potential diagnostic imaging we will put a plan of treatment in motion.

When the diagnosis has been made and there is no doubt regarding the course then the treatment is set in motion in the public or the private health care system. This is regardless of whether or not your health issue is an insurance case. We send all relevant information to the place of treatment along with the referral from your own doctor. We will also make any necessary appointments with the place of treatment.

Oftentimes the treatment will take place at a public hospital which specialises in your condition. Actually 4 out of 5 health issues which require hospital treatment are treated in the public health care system where they have the expertise and the facilities to do so.

Our Health Team will follow up after your treatment to ensure that you receive the necessary help for such things as rehabilitation. The Health Team will coordinate during your whole course of treatment so that you have the health and the medical expertise to support you the whole way through.

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