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Health insurance senior is tailored to people exiting the workforce or people who have already retired. We live longer lives. Thus getting the senior life you imagine, your health plays a vital factor. That is why Dansk Sundhedssikring is offering you a broad coverage, caring for those special needs that may arise during the autumn of your life.

Health insuranceSenior

An extensive health insurance taking care of your senior needs 

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  • Physiotherapist, chiropractor or psychologist
  • Examination and treatment by a medical specialist in a clinic or hospital
  • Trauma counselling
  • Medical advice and HealthNavigator
  • Post-surgery home nursing, home assistance and medical aids
  • Senior counselling
  • Osteoarthritis and continuous pain
  • Second opinion


Health insurance Senior Annual price per person
Policyholder 3.895 DKK


The price is incl. 1,1 % statutory non-life insurance fee.
Additionally, 40 DKK per policy is charged on behalf of the Danish Guarantee Fund.

Insurance content


    • The insurance covers reasonable and necessary treatment based on a medical assessment (there must be a medical need for the treatment). It is a prerequisite for continued cover that the treatment ensures a significant and lasting improvement of the condition. There is a limit of 10 treatments pr. year regardless number of injuries

    • Treatment is covered in our national quality- assured network or with a therapist of choice

    • Treatment by a physiotherapist or chiropractor does not require a referral by a medical doctor but will be covered on basis of a medical evaluation
    • Treatment by a psychologist is covered for disorders that require treatment and should always be medically justified. A referral from your own doctor is required
    • Treatment is covered in Denmark. Any additional benefits will have to be paid by the insured. 


The insurance covers emergency trauma counselling if you have experienced trauma due to one of the following: 

    • If you have experienced a sudden serious incident/accident, where you have been in danger 

    • If you have been subjected to a robbery, assault, violence, or kidnapping 

    • If you have been involved in fire, explosion or burglary in your private residence or your business (must be reported to the police) 

    • If you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease 
    • If there has been a death within your immediate family 
    • If a member of your immediate family has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease
    • If the if you have experienced a family member’s or colleague’s sudden, unexpected death or sudden serious incident/accident

You are guaranteed that examination and/or treatment with a medical specialist will be started within 15 weekdays from the day that we have received your claim, in either the public or private healthcare system. You will always need a referral. 

Ultra-sound scanning, X-ray examination and MR-scanning also require a referral

Its a big change going from life as part of the workforce to retirement. Feelings such a loss of identity are common until you find your way in a new everyday life.  
To ensure your mental wellbeing in this change, the insurance covers senior counselling.

The insurance covers cancer examination and treatment if it is diagnosed within the insurance period. In cases where the cancer diagnosis is met with a treatment package by the public healthcare system, the public offer should always be activated and used. The medical team will advise in the treatment process and, the insurance will cover in those events, where we asses an unnecessary waiting time in the public treatment plan or where the intention of the treatment plan is not met. 

Cataract and post cataract is covered with treatment and operation in accordance with the applicable guidelines of the Danish Health Authority in relation to treatment of age-related cataract. 

Cataract is covered until 6 months from the time of diagnosis. 

Diagnosis must fall within the insurance period to be covered.

The insurance covers examination of osteoporosis, in relevant cases, as well as biological injection if prescribed by medical specialist. In addition, the medical team will guide to public treatment offers. 

Other treatment is not covered. 


If you experience continuous pain in knee, hip or back (for more than 3 months), the medical team will assess whether a certified training course, GLA:D, could improve your well-being. 

The course is tailored to improve the quality of life, for people affected by Osteoarthritis and continuous pain in knee, hip or back.    


GLA:D training consist of general education of the insured, as well as a min. 6 week training course, carries out by a certified GLA:D physiotherapist.  

The training is adapted to your physical level and is gradually increased. It Is recommended to continue training, after the course has ended, if the improved quality of life is to be maintained.  


The GLA:D training requires doctor referral, and the training must take place by physiotherapist with a collective agreement with Dansk Sundhedssikring.  

The insurance covers necessary and reasonable outpatient follow-up examination after surgery covered by the insurance for up to 2 years from the date of the surgery. The examination must be prescribed by the relevant medical doctor and approved by us. 

The insurance covers outpatient medical rehabilitation performed by a physiotherapist and/or chiropractor in direct connection to a coverable procedure in the musculoskeletal system. The musculoskeletal system means tendons, muscles and joints of the back, shoulders, neck, knees, elbows, hip and wrists. The rehabilitation must be prescribed by the attending medical doctor. Rehabilitation is covered in our quality assured network or by a provider of own choice.

The insurance covers necessary and reasonable expenses for temporary home assistance in a direct connection with an operation covered by the insurance. Being a necessary part of the treatment, the temporary home assistance or home nursing must be prescribed by the attending medical doctor.

The insurance covers expenses for personal temporary aids, which we consider necessary and reasonable in connection with a procedure or treatment for a maximum of 6 months after the discharge date from the hospital. The aid must be prescribed by the attending medical doctor. 

In certain cases, the insurance covers consultation with a relevant impartial medical doctor you have a life-threatening or particular serious disease or injury or, if you are faced with the choice of receiving particularly risky treatment, which may be life-threatening or result in permanent injury. 

The medical team offers advice on for example alcohol and drug abuse and can advise you on different public offers of treatment. 

    • Treatment by a medical specialist without a referral from your general practising doctor 
    • Cosmetic treatments 
    • Dental treatment/dental disorders 
    • Alternative and experimental treatment 
    • Vaccinations and health checkups (with the exception of Shingles vaccine) 
    • Emergency treatment (with the exception of trauma counselling) 
    • Chronic disorders, that has occurred or been diagnosed before the start of the insurance period 
    • Glasses, eye contacts, hearing aids, tests of hearing and vision 
    • Preventative and maintaining treatments
    • Examination and treatment of dementia
    • Venereal diseases and, prevention

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