Health insurance Flex

The health insurance Flex is adapted to a busy everyday life, where flexibility and ease of access to treatment has value. 
The forms of treatment can vary between online/digital or presence at a clinic.   

Health insuranceFlex

Health insurance Flex your health flexibly framed

Fill out the sign-on form below. When the insurance is created, you will receive a letter of notification welcoming you, and providing you with a link to MY DSS. From here you can look into your data and get an overview of your coverage and claims.  

  • Physiotherapist, chiropractor or osteopath
  • Examination by a medical specialist in a clinic or hospital
  • Trauma counselling
  • Medical advice and HealthNavigator
  • Online emergency medical service
  • Psychologist and mental health hotline
  • Second opinion


Health insurance Flex Annual price per person
Policyholder 1.895 DKK
Children (0-24 years) 1.019 DKK


The price is incl. 1,1 % statutory non-life insurance fee.
Additionally, 40 DKK per policy is charged on behalf of the Danish Guarantee Fund.

Insurance content

  • The insurance covers reasonable and necessary treatment based on a medical assessment (there must be a medical need for the treatment). It is a prerequisite for continued cover that the treatment ensures a significant and lasting improvement of the condition.
  • For physiotherapist and chiropractor there is a limit of 12 treatments and osteopath 5 treatments pr. year, regardless number of injuries.
  • The treatment is covered in our national quality- assured network or with a therapist of choice. Depending on the type of injury, the treatment can be conducted digitally.
  • The treatment is covered in Denmark.


    • Psychologist treatment will be conducted online/digital or via phone. The treatment is covered in our national quality- assured network.

The insurance covers emergency trauma counselling if you have experienced trauma due to one of the following: 

    • If you have experienced a sudden serious incident/accident, where you have been in danger 

    • If you have been subjected to a robbery, assault, violence, or kidnapping 

    • If you have been involved in fire, explosion or burglary in your private residence or your business (must be reported to the police) 

    • If you have been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease 
    • If there has been a death within your immediate family 
    • If a member of your immediate family has been diagnosed with a life-threatening disease
    • If the if you have experienced a family member’s or colleague’s sudden, unexpected death or sudden serious incident/accident


    • You are guaranteed that examination and/or treatment with a medical specialist will be started within 15 weekdays from the day that we have received your claim, in either the public or private healthcare system. You will always need a referral. 



    • The insurance covers cancer examination, if it is diagnosed within the insurance period. In cases where the cancer diagnosis is met with a treatment package by the public healthcare system, the public offer should always be activated and used.


    • The insurance covers medical counselling via phone for all health-related issues – the ones that does not require treatment, or those not covered by the insurance.


    • Using our unique health navigation concept, we offer to help coordinate the process of examination and treatment, as well as guidance about public healthcare treatment offers. Our medical team consists of experienced doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and other healthcare professionals with extensive experience from different fields. These will be the ones offering professional counselling about health and illness.


    • When you sign-on to the insurance, the entire household is covered by the online emergency medical service.
    • The emergency medical is a supplement to your own doctor. Contact is via mail or video consultation.
    • The emergency medical team consists of specialized doctors in the field of general medicine. They can counsel you, and answer questions regarding illness or symptoms, which does not require a physical examination.
    • You can print or renew most subscriptions.
    • If needed, you will be referred to your own doctor, the emergency room or public hospital.



    • Medical second opinion by our specialists covers review of journals, referrals, and medical records, as well as medical counselling by phone. The option is also available in cases where two doctors disagree on your diagnosis or treatment (third opinion)


    • The medical team offers advice, for example regarding alcohol and drug abuse, and can advise you on different public offers of treatment.


    • Treatment at private hospital/specialist
    • Psychologist for serious / lasting mental disorders
    • Cosmetic treatments · Dental treatment/dental disorders
    • Alternative and experimental treatment
    • Vaccinations and health checkups
    • Emergency treatment (with the exception of trauma counselling)
    • Chronic disorders, that has occurred or been diagnosed before the start of the insurance period (chronic disorders in the musculoskeletal system is covered by physiotherapist, chiropractor, or osteopath)
    • Glasses, eye contacts, hearing aids, tests of hearing and vision
    • Preventative and maintaining treatments
    • Venereal diseases and prevention
    • Cardiovascular disorders
    • Examination and treatment by a psychiatrist
    • Epidemics and pandemics


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When you need to use your health insurance

We recommend that you report your injury online, which you can do 24/7 at Mit DSS. You can also contact us by phone, opening times can be found at the bottom of the page. Reported damages are dealt with quickly and in most cases from day to day.