Family360 provides access to your personal contact nurse, who will help, guide and advice you and your family members before, through or after critical illness treated in the public healthcare system.  

Yourself, your partner or spouse, and children are covered, if they share the same address as you. As an option, you are also able to cover you parents. Thereby ensuring coverage of your family’s grandparents on the policy.   


A contact nurse helping families through critical illness.  

Fill out the sign-on form below on this page. When the insurance is created, you will receive a letter of notification welcoming you, and providing you with a link to MY DSS.

  • Participate in medical consultations via digital platforms or the phone and be your competent professional and independent advisor.
  • Contact with the hospital regarding follow-up to your referral, including ensuring compliance with applicable guarantees of examination/treatment.
  • Ensure information and involvement by the family and relevant nursing personnel via proactive care calls
  • Help review your medical records and examination results from the hospital.
  • Help you in getting in contact with your pension company, insurance company etc.
  • Assist you in the transition between hospitalization and discharge.



Family coverage basis Annual price
spouse/partner and children
745 DKK
spouse/partner, children
and 4 grandparents
1.726 DKK

The price is incl. 1,1 % statutory non-life insurance fee.

Product content of Family360


    • Contact to the public healthcare system on behalf of the customer regarding summons, examinations, and compliance with treatment guarantie

    • Schedule treatments or examinations to the extent allowed by the public hospital 


    • Prepare the customer for meetings at the public hospital, examinations, and the continued course of treatment 

    • Participate in doctor calls via digitals platforms or by phone as the family’s professional and unbiased advisor 

    • Help going through the customers medical journals and examination results from the public hospital


    • Medical advice by Familie360’s own medical consultant, regarding if the extent of the planned examinations is sufficient, to be expected and relevant in relation to the customers illness
    • Clinical and medical advice  


    • Coordinate transportation and other assistance if needed 
    • Make care calls to the customer and family
    • Assist in contacting relevant pension company, insurance company etc.  
    • Contact the municipality if needed 
    • Assist the customer in the transition between hospitalization and discharge 
    • Social counselling assistance 
    • Counselling on critical illness, grief, and personal crisis 
    • End of life counselling 

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When you need to use your Family360 product

The nurse helps you find out where the contact nurse can best advise in the exact situation your family is in. We recommend that you report your injury online via My DSS, as it is the fastest and easiest way to register the necessary information. Reported damages are dealt with quickly and in most cases from day to day.