Critical Advantage

If struck by a serious illness, you now have access to treatment, examination or second opinion abroad. We cover all expenses related to traveling, stay, examination, treatment, medicine and post treatment care for you and your companion.


Policy coverage

Fill out the sign-on form below. When the insurance is created, you will receive a letter of notification welcoming you, and providing you with a link to MY DSS.

  • Medical and surgical treatment abroad
  • Travel and stay abroad for patient and companion
  • Second opinion after diagnostics in country of residence
  • Transportation by airplane, train, or ambulance by road or air
  • Consultation with the treating doctor during hospitalization
  • Treatment specific examination, laboratory test, x-rays and diagnostic imaging
  • Treatment specific medicine, blood transfusion etc.
  • Radiation treatment
  • Surgical post treatment if needed
  • Organ transplant from living donor
  • Post treatment care in country of residence


Critical Advantage Annual price per person
Policyholder 1.770 DKK
Children (0-27 years) 1.770 DKK


The price is incl. 1,1 % statutory non-life insurance fee.
Additionally, 40 DKK per policy is charged on behalf of the Danish Guarantee Fund.

Product content

When a claim is approved and a treatment provider chosen, the stay at the given location is coordinated by us. The clinic will always be abroad – in another country than where the insured resides. We will also take care of transportation to and from the hospital.


Post treatment and medicine will in most cases take place in country of residence. If this is not possible, it will be covered abroad.


The serious illnesses are treated with the necessary examinations, amongst other:

      • Consultation by doctor during hospitalization
      • Laboratory test, x-rays and diagnostic imaging
      • Treatment specific medicine, blood transfusion etc.
      • Radiation treatment


The insurance covers the second opinion of an unbiased, specialist abroad. Second opinion is covered for the 4 serious illnesses stated as included in the insurance.


The policy covers one companion to accompany on the stay and treatment abroad.

If the patient is a child, the policy covers 2 companions.


Depending on the need, ambulance transportation will be covered.


The policy covers the following serious illnesses:

      • Cancer (Malignant tumors and preliminary stages
      • Cardiovascular surgery
      • Neurosurgery (intracranial structure and spinal cord)
      • Transplantation

Related to cancer

      • Tumors existing simultaneously with Aids
      • Non-melanom skin cancer
      • Treatment including CAR-T celle therapy

Related to cardiovascular surgery

      • Coronary artery disease requiring other treatment than bypass (e.g. stent, angioplasty)

Related to transplants

      • Liver disease caused of alcohol consumption
      • Transplantation from own body (e.g. skin)
      • Organs from deceased donor
      • Organ transplant requiring stem cell treatment
      • Purchase of donor organs

Assistive devices such as prosthesis, insoles, wigs etc. are not covered.

When you need to use your Critical Advantage product

If you are affected by a serious illness, contact Dansk Sundhedssikring. First, all relevant material such as referrals, medical records, studies, etc. is collected. These are given to Further, which decides whether the insurance can be used. If the damage is approved, all contact with Further continues.