Dansk Sundhedssikring supports Heltecamp for sick children and their families

We are proud of our healthcare DNA and all the many employees from our organization who put their healthcare background into play on a daily basis in collaboration with our many customers.

Durring week 26, we have the opportunity to use our healthcare DNA in a new way. A number of our nurses have fortunately agreed to stand up and help with the settlement of Heltecamps, which is an important initiative initiated by the Child Accident Foundation - Børneulykkesfonden.

The start of the schools' summer holidays marks a time when a large number of children and young people participate in various football schools, scout camps and many other forms of summer activities. Heltecamps is an initiative where sick children and their families get the opportunity to be part of a summer holiday activity and a unique community with other children and families - like their peers.

Every sixth child in the age group 5-17 years suffers from a chronic or long-term illness. The children often have to adjust to a life where medication and hospital stays control everyday life. Play, school and a "normal" children's life are thus put on hold. Participation in physical activities with other children gives self-esteem and self-confidence and can form a breeding ground for new social relationships. Heltecamps lets the disease step into the background for a while and focuses on all that the children can actually do by filling them with new experiences as well as the joy of moving and getting out into nature.

When we received the inquiry from the General Secretary Henriette Madsen from Børneulykkesfonden about the opportunity to contribute with health professionalism during the settlement of Heltecamps, we made a small "opinion poll" internally, and fortunately there was great support from our employees in helping to create security for the children and their families during the settlement of Heltecamps. Therefore, we think it was a good opportunity to partly support a really important initiative and partly give some of our employees the opportunity to put their health professionalism into play in a completely different context than the daily life we have in the office when we help our many customers, says Claus Brink, COO of Dansk Sundhedssikring.

Many of our nurses want to contribute to the task, and as a reason for being part of Heltecamps, nurse Line says, among other things: I have in my previous work as a nurse at the Children & Adolescents Department had several courses with children with chronic disorders, which every single day forever must relate to their illness. I am therefore proud to be part of a company that supports Heltecamps and gives sick children and their parents the opportunity to have some hours where the focus is on play, movement and friendships, rather than on illness.

The nurses Marianne and Rikke supplement: Heltecamps is a fantastic opportunity to meet the sick children and parents around a meaningful and fun summer activity. Hopefully it will be eventful with lots of fun, laughter and exuberant quality of life. We look forward to helping facilitate the best Hero Camp for children and parents, so that the sick superheroes have a fantastic experience and memories for life - on an equal footing with all other young people.

Rikke concludes by emphasizing: That Dansk Sundhedssikring is a company that supports Heltecamps and has decided to "lend" us, I just think is absolutely fantastic!

Heltecamps are held in Lyngby and Odense, and you can read more about Heltecamps here: