Dansk Sundhedssikring enters the private customer market: New health insurance covers three generations

Dansk Sundhedssikring has launched a new private health insurance Familie360, which provides health advice in connection with serious illness to the whole family seen in a very broad perspective. The insurance thus covers both the person who takes out the insurance and their cohabitant or spouse, children from both current and former partners and up to four grandparents regardless of age.

"With the new launch, Dansk Sundhedssikring has once again shown that we are moving the market and challenging the framework for health insurance." - Kent Jensen, CEO of Dansk Sundhedssikring.

The insurance, which covers three generations, covers health professional advice and help in navigating the comprehensive and good Danish health system, which for many is also unmanageable when a serious illness strikes a family member.

“The first policies were already drawn on our new product, Familie360, after just a few hours after launch. It is our first major launch to contribute to future growth, especially in the retail customer market, where there is a growing need for innovative healthcare solutions.”

“It will be an exciting journey to follow and pursue. With the new launch, Dansk Sundhedssikring has once again shown that we are moving the market and challenging the framework for health insurance, ”says CEO of Dansk Sundhedssikring, Kent Jensen, who adds that the new insurance will initially be sold via OK, as they are already known for selling a large number of insurances and as a Danish cooperative with a large loyal customer base.

Those who have taken out the insurance and are affected by a serious illness, simply contact Dansk Sundhedssikring, which after approval of the claim will start a process where you get a health professional adviser in the form of a primary contact nurse who will be associated with you and your family through your public hospital course.

The contact nurse has in-depth knowledge of a network of specialists, patient associations and social workers, and can help navigate through the jungle of insurance, pension company, municipal initiatives, benefits and sickness benefit rules. The contact nurse can take care of coordination and enter into dialogue with the health service with professional arguments if necessary.


To ensure the quickest possible assessment and treatment, the independent contact nurse's task is to take the family by the hand and advise throughout the entire course of the illness, during which you get help for up to two years to:

  • Assistance in reviewing medical records and examination results from the hospital
  • Book appointments for treatment or examination, to the extent permitted by the public hospital system
  • Ordering transportation or other assistance if needed
  • Make care calls
  • Contact municipal authorities if necessary
  • Psychological counselling on serious illness, for example in case of grief/crisis or end of life