Get your own personal dietitian and coach!

Do you want to lose weight or change your lifestyle? Are you struggling with lifestyle challenges such as obesity, hypertension, a cardiovascular disease, prediabetes or Type 2 diabetes?

If so, we offer a personal dietitian and coach through the Liva Healthcare programme.
A pre-screening by our health team determines if the Liva Healthcare programme is the right course of action for you. The offer is limited to those who have option F coverage*

Call our health team on 70206121 and learn more.

The Liva Healthcare programme contains:
–       Your own personal dietitian and coach free for a whole year
–       A lifestyle plan tailored to you and your goals
–       Ongoing guidance via video and text through the app
–       Tracking and overview of your personal development through the app
–       Peer-to-peer support where you can share experiences with other users via a forum

*”F coverage”: This option covers various types of treatments for chronic diseases incl. physiotherapy, chiropractic, massage (by medical examined masseur), shock wave therapy and a personal health care programme with Liva Healthcare.
Check your insurance policy details or Mit DS-Sundhed to learn if it includes “F coverage” or ask our health team.