It is about prevention – Health 360

To us, health is more than just treating an already existing injury. We are on the forefront and argue that prevention of injuries is a part of our basic assets. With a foundation in data, we can be your supplier for both and, take care of the entire value chain in relation to health and prevention.

Prevention with VitalityGuard

VitalityGuard is the solution that Dansk Sundhedssikring offers to companies, which aims at having a proactive access to the employees psychological and physical health. VitalityGuard is a digitally based health concept, which maps the current health status throughout the company. It creates an overview and make it possible to take action, where and when it is needed.


A digitally based health concept

When it comes to creating lasting and noticeable results in the health area, we know that motivation is a crucial factor. The platform VitalityGuard is a personal tool where each employee gets an individual action plan focussing on everything from diet to exercise- to sleep and psychological wellbeing. The platform inspires, motivate and guide the individual based on their situation and personal goals.


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