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What are cookies?

This website like most, works best if you allow the use of cookies.

Upon visiting this website we will possibly send (and save) a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a small file of text which is sent from the web server to the web browser (such as Chrome or Internet Explorer). This cookie makes it possible for the website or the server to gather specific yet limited information from the web browser regarding the visitor.

How are cookies used?

We can use cookies to help us remember you when you revisit the website. Also we can use it to note which page or pages you view and any special setting which you may have chosen – we can use this information to personalize the content which you are shown or to avoid certain things such as the same pop-up being displayed twice.

We use different types of cookies on the website. These vary from long-term cookies (to remember you and your preferences) to short-term cookies and session-based cookies which expire when you close the window on your browser. 

We will possibly use other third-party cookies (set-up by other websites such as Google) to gather and store anonymous statistics regarding browsing-patterns or conduct on websites to build a demographic profile. This data is collected alongside other visitor data to form a collective analysis report. It is important to note that the data is not personally identifiable and it is solely used for reporting and statistical purposes.

What if I do not want cookies?

You are not obligated to accept cookies from this website and most browsers will give you the option of rejecting them. If you want to know how to do this then look at Help on the menu of your browser or contact your systems administrator. Please note that if you reject cookies then certain services or pages on this website may not be accessible to you or they may not work as intended.

For more information regarding cookies you can visit  denne hjemmeside.