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Before contacting our health team or customer team, please see if your question is answered in our FAQ

Health team

For reporting a claim/ailment, healthcare counselling, coverage, and ongoing claims. Our nurses are standing by on the phone all days of the year in the time frame 8-17. Service around the clock for our trauma hotline.

You can also create new claims online via Mit DS-Sundhed.

Please note that claims cannot be reported by email; only online or by phone.

Telephone: 7020 6121
Fax: 8832 6468
E-mail: sundhedsteam@ds-sundhed.dk

Customer team

For questions about the insurance, such as questions about signing up, termination, policies, prices, insurance agreements, login, etc.
Open all working days 9-16

Email: sundhedsforsikring@ds-sundhed.dk
Telephone: 7020 6121


For questions concerning treatment invoices, sending of invoices and appendices, reimbursement of expenses, etc.
Open all working days 9-16
Treatment providers can use our GLN invoicing option for quicker handling – see how her!

Email for insured requesting reimbursement: refusion@ds-sundhed.dk
Email for treatment providers to send invoices to be paid: regninger@ds-sundhed.dk
Telephone: 7020 6121
Fax: 8832 6468


Ved tekniske udfordringer med vores online løsninger såsom Mit Ds-sundhed og Virksomhedsportalen, kontakt vores IT afdeling direkte på mail.

Email: support@primora-it.dk


For questions about sales, development of new sales channels, etc.

Email: salg@ds-sundhed.dk


Used if dissatisfied with the treatment/handling of a specific claim. The complaint is handled by the person in charge of customer complaints and quality questions: Gry Jensen

Email: klage@ds-sundhed.dk


For spørgsmål om dine databeskyttelsesrettigheder og begæring om indsigt m.m. Vores Databeskyttelsesrådgivning og service håndteres af Advokatfirma Bech-Bruun der kan kontaktes på hverdage mellem kl. 9-16.

E-mail: dpo.dss@bechbruun.com
Telefon: 7227 3002
Sikker beskedfunktion: https://dpo.bechbruun.com/dss