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Before contacting our health team or customer team, please see if your question is answered in our FAQ

Health team

For reporting a claim/ailment, healthcare counselling, coverage, and ongoing claims our nurses are available on the phone all days of the year between 9-17 on weekdays and 9-12 on weekends. Service around the clock for our trauma hotline.

You can also create new claims online via Mit DS-Sundhed.

Please note that claims cannot be reported by email; only online or by phone.

Telephone: 7020 6121
Fax: 8832 6468
E-mail: sundhedsteam@ds-sundhed.dk

Customer team

For questions about the insurance, such as questions about signing up, termination, policies, prices, insurance agreements, login, etc.
Open all working days 9-16

Email: sundhedsforsikring@ds-sundhed.dk
Telephone: 7020 6121


For questions concerning treatment invoices, sending of invoices and appendices, reimbursement of expenses, etc.
Open all working days 9 pm - 4 pm. Telephone: 7020 6121

Insured requesting reimbursement
If you request reimbursement for costs tied to a claim, please send us the bills by using our secure contact portal. Click here for access.

Treatment providers
Treatment providers are adviced to use our GLN invoicing option for quicker handling – see how here!
Email for treatment providers to send invoices to be paid: regninger@ds-sundhed.dk


If you encounter technical challenges with our online solutions e.g. Mit Ds-sundhed og Virksomhedsportalen, please contacft our IT department directly by email.

Email: support@primora-it.dk


For questions about sales, development of new sales channels, etc.

Email: salg@ds-sundhed.dk


If you disagree or are dissatisfied with our decision, please contact the department that handled the case. If, after your inquiry to the department, you are still not satisfied, you can write to our quality department, which is responsible for complaints, to have your case re-evaluated.

You can submit a complaint encrypted and securely via this contact form



For questions about data protection and requests for data insight etc. Our data protection and services is handled by Advokatfirma Bech-Bruun who can be contacted on working days from 9 pm - 4 pm.

E-mail: dpo.dss@bechbruun.com
Telefon: 7227 3002
Sikker beskedfunktion: https://dpo.bechbruun.com/dss