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Why Choose Us?

The company is becoming still more dependent on its employees and the well-being of an employee is the greatest asset of a company.

Therefore, there is a natural focus on health in the company. This is both preventive health care to avoid health issues and to get the employee quickly back in their comfort zone if they are in need of treatment.

Dansk Sundhedssikring has developed a wide range of services in preventive health care which gives the company the option of being proactive in the health field.

If the need for treatment should arise then we will help your employees get safely, confidently and quickly through the health care system so that they receive the correct treatment no matter the health issue.

We also assist with health issues which are not usually covered by a health insurance. We have intimate knowledge of both public and private hospitals and know how to navigate them. Our nurses and doctors will assist the employee through the whole process. We will coordinate from the first call until the treatment is finished.

We gather data systematically which we gladly share with you. This way, together, we can move your company in a healthier direction. At the same time, we make it easy and straightforward for you to handle your employees´ health insurances. Then you can concentrate on your business and what you are good at. 

We have shown that competent counselling, personal service and good treatment can go hand in hand at that it can come at a good price.