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We are your full-service supplier
At Dansk Sundhedssikring we see healthcare as more than just treatment of an injury that has already occurred. We are at the forefront, and have a proactive approach. Prevention of injuries is therefore part of Dansk Sundhedssikring’s fundamental approach.

Based on the companys individual health-data profile Dansk Sundhedssikring can be your full-service supplier and handle the entire value chain in relation to health and prevention of injuries and disease. The goal is that the preventive efforts support and supplement the health insurance, and ultimately helps promote health in your organization, as well as reduce handling of claims, which will benefit all involved parties.

Strategic approach
We see health and prevention as a strategic effort alike other strategic decisions that you make in your organization. We know that when you work strategically with the area, results will show.

In our catalog, HealthCare360, you can read more about the opportunities and benefits of health and prevention in workplaces. The catalog describes the preventive products we supply when we understand your needs based on analysis of your health-data. The products are carefully selected and designed from fact-based research, and the suppliers we work with are quality assured in their approach, methods and content of their products.

Be inspired by our catalog and contact Bende Næsted, who is responsible for our preventive products, to hear how we can help your organization.

Click here to access our catalog: HealthCare360

Contact Bende Næsted, responsible of preventive products: bende.naested@ds-sundhed.dk