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Our approach to the health field is a fact and evidence based collection and use of data. This is a central part of how work and navigate.

We continuously collect satisfaction ratings on our own initial customer dealings just as we ask our customers to evaluate the further treatment process that we initiate. This data is used to choose the treatment providers, public and private hospitals etc. which our customers rate as the best. The treatment providers/hospitals own satisfaction surveys are also a part of our overall assessments. Briefly stated we are the experts who screen and validate on behalf of our customers.

Our own registration of claims is used to adjust the process and to identify tendencies on a company level or across types of claims which will most often be invisible for the individual company customer. We therefore offer ourselves as a sparring partner for the company and can add a value to act on.

Shall we share with you? Upon request we can send reports regarding client satisfaction and claims. Together we can develop the reporting which best suits the requirements in your company.