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Customer Satisfaction

At Dansk Sundhedssikring we believe in the close and continuous dialogue with the world around us – that is our livelihood! When the insurance holder makes use of their health insurance (the users) then we use customer satisfaction questionnaires. We contact the users immediately after they contact the Health Team with their claim. If the claim is covered or a service is performed then we will contact the users again when the treatment / examination / surgery is finished or is close to being finished.

How we do it – Upon making a claim we receive the insured´s email and this is where we send a link for the online questionnaire. We touch upon a variety of topics in the form of statements and ask the users to rate these on a 5 point (agreement/satisfaction). There is also the option of open answers.
Our experience since 2013 is that close to half of those we contact would like to enter a dialogue with us.

We appreciate both positive and negative feedback and continuously use this to adjust the process, choose the best treatment providers etc.

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