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Meet the Nurses

When you call the Health Team regarding a health issue or a request, you will always speak to one of our experienced nurses. The focus of the Health Team is to understand your health issue in order to advise you as well as possible and to ensure that you receive the proper treatment.

Extensive healthcare experience and competency
Our large team of nurses all have a broad range of healthcare experience and typically have experience from various sectors within the health care system. Therefore, you will always get in contact with a nurse who can advise you professionally regarding practically all healthcare issues.  In case of more complicated healthcare issues it will very often be a nurse who has concrete experience within the specific field. A doctor will be included when this is relevant.

Many of the health issues are related to the musculoskeletal system and all of the nurses are capable of assessing this type of issues and advise regarding the relevant treatment.

The nurses are actively part of the individual course of treatment to ensure the best possible course of treatment. This way, you will always receive the appropriate examinations and, possibly, treatment. Our Health Team will help you to navigate both the public and the private health care systems. We will help you to navigate and find solutions also in regard to chronic health issues.

The Health Team has an overview of the medical specialties and the examination options at the hospitals. They also know how the public healthcare system works and which rules and regional regulations apply.

Medical expertise
We have a number of specialist doctors and chief physicians to support the nurses in the Health Team. These specialist doctors and chief physicians have experience within the main medical dsicplines such as orthopedic surgery, stomach/intestinal surgery, gynecology, spinal surgery and psychiatry.

Our doctors contribute to assessing the more complicated cases and advise on course of treatment and expectations regarding the results of the course of treatment. This includes potential risks and potential complications. If the Health Team assesses that it is relevant then a consulting/clarifying conversation with one of our doctors may be an option.